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  Why We're (Still) Taking a Stand for Psychedelics
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Why We're (Still) Taking a Stand for Psychedelics

MUD\WTR and Trends w/ Benefits are proud supporters of the safe and careful use of psychedelics. Here's why.

Shane Heath

We are in the middle of a mental-health epidemic.

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Suicide is on the rise. PTSD, shootings, addiction … you’ve seen the news. When the mind is in poor health it cascades into tragic outcomes and society pays the price.

Here at MUD\WTR and Trends w/ Benefits, we believe in standing for bold solutions. That’s why we support the careful use of psychedelics.

Wait, are you guys supporting drugs?

F*ck yes we are, and you should too.

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Psychedelics have been used by nearly every culture in the world for thousands of years and are regarded as sacred tools for healing and insight. Only in the past half-century have governments demonized these compounds, waging a failed War on Drugs and stifling valuable research that can save lives.

Psychedelic-assisted therapy is one of the most effective tools we have to treat this mental-health epidemic. In May 2021, the journal Nature Medicine published the results of the most advanced trial of psychedelic therapy to date. In its Phase 3 trial of MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD, 88 percent of participants who received MDMA in conjunction with trauma-focused therapy experienced a clinically significant reduction in symptoms. Two-thirds of participants no longer met the criteria for a PTSD diagnosis, and a number of participants reported MDMA-assisted therapy helped them address the root cause of their trauma for the first time.

One veteran said, “PTSD changed my brain and MDMA changed it back.”

This is an example of why MUD\WTR has donated to psychedelic research since day one, and why, given our platform, we believe we have a moral obligation to talk about psychedelics honestly. This shows up in everything from how we write about psychedelics on our storytelling platform, Trends w/ Benefits, to how we talk about these compounds on our team. And, yeah, part of that is allowing employees to microdose at work without fear of being fired.

The philosopher Howard Zinn once said that you can’t be neutral on a moving train. That’s why we are honored to support psychedelic research and speak up for the psychedelic revolution..

Shane Heath
Founder & CEO


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