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Media to keep your mental landscape intact

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Our Mission

To share stories
that cultivate depth and vulnerability, and improve how we rise, rest, and heal

We highlight positive human rituals, chronicle the evolution of mental health, and teach beneficial daily practices to those in pursuit of a life well-lived. In a noisy world, we aim to provide a bastion of positive and actionable content, while building a supportive community around it.

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If you can change your mind, you can change anything

Everything—from how we treat the planet, to how we treat each other, to how we treat ourselves—starts from within. We want to give you permission to try something new, even if it’s just a new state of mind. Because if you can change your mind, you can change anything.

Recent releases

MUD\WTR Rituals: Madame Gandhi

This remarkable human creature shows us her rhythmic morning ritual. As an inspired artist and activist, Madame Gandhi believes that even the simplest, most enjoyable morning activities can have an enormous impact on her day.


MUD\WTR Rituals: Chris Burroughs

This fascinating human being shows us his favorite morning ritual. Chris Burroughs is up and at ’em before the sun comes up, bringing his body, his mind and his dog into total alignment.


The Fungal Fortunes of William Padilla-Brown

Citizen scientist Will Brown, convinced that the field of mycology has abundant solutions for humankind, leads a dream trip to Puerto Rico to forage for new mushroom species.

Haloa film cover

Haloa \ a mythical origin story

This is the mythological origin story of Hawaii’s first food, taro, grown under tears of love to nourish the first kanaka, the first human being. This is the story of Haloa, as told by residents of the island of Kauai.


Mushrooms you can trust

Mushrooms have a PR problem, it's time we help change that.

Foraging for food

Invite the forest to dinner

Wild food forager, Sunny Savage, shares a deep knowledge of the forest with her young son, Zeb, harvesting a bountiful meal from the land.


MUD\Modalities: Cold Exposure

Learn the 'why' and 'how' of cold exposure with Reis Paluso and Samuel Whiting of Our Breath Collective, in this guided session you can practice along with.


Resurfacing: Koa Smith

When a devastating accident leaves pro surfer Koa Smith with a traumatic brain injury and depression, he searches for answers where ancient rituals meet modern science.


Q&A With Koa

Koa Smith and Psychedelic Drug Development Leader, Dorna Pourang, discuss psychedelics for healing.


Permission to :rest

Our founder paints a portrait in protest of hustle culture.



Filling you in on some of the great mysteries in the mud.